Celebration of Teaching
University of Missouri

Save the date: May 15-16, 2018

Mizzou Celebration of Teaching

Pre Conference Workshops

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Reynolds Alumni Center
University of Missouri

StoryMythos: A Movie Guide to Better Business Stories

Presented by:
Shane Meeker - Corporate Storyteller and Company Historian, Procter & Gamble

Shane MeekerStorytelling is the foundation of human understanding and has always defined true authenticity. For centuries it has been said that you don't influence people through intellect, you do it through emotion. A great story IS emotion. It is how to truly build empathy and understanding and is the strongest motivation to action. A great story ensures passion and memorability. The same principles and insights that make your favorite stories on stage, page and screen can be used to develop strong branded innovations, meaningful consumer experiences, inspiring communications or just a more immersive powerpoint.

Did you know that your favorite movies can be one of your biggest business building tools? Do you understand the critical relationship between Glenda the Good Witch and your brand? Do you know how the Marvel Cinematic Universe can inspire your 10 year product plan? Do you know how an arch villain like Darth Vader can help you evaluate the true power of your next technology launch? Do you understand how Star Trek changed the world of business communications forever? My presentations and workshops teach how to pull apart what works in your favorite movies and create more vivid, powerful business stories. I cover the foundations and principles behind the greatest stories along with understanding the importance of "telling", not "selling" your ideas. We will explore how story structures can be used across an infinite array of business problems ranging from strategy, to branding to overall better communications with important stakeholders. Finally we move into the process of creating your stories by learning and practicing some "Hollywood-esque" tools and approaches that can make your stories richer, more focused and emotionally engaging.

Incorporating Sustainability within Curriculum

Presented by:
Srinivasan Raghavan - MU Sustainability Manager, Sustainability Office
Christine Costello - Assistant Research Professor, Bioengineering, College of Engineering
Keith Goyne - Associate Professor & Associate Director, School of Natural Resources

Given the unique challenges facing society today, it is imperative for higher education to provide the necessary skills to students - tomorrow’s journalists, business leaders, engineers, scientists - to shape existing communities into sustainable societies. Ensuring this will require a significant increase in courses that incorporate sustainability concepts. As the state’s premier land-grant and research institution, MU is in a unique position to develop the “Campus as a Living Lab” concept and lead the way in innovative interdisciplinary sustainability curricula.

You’ve Got This! Confidence with Canvas

Presented by:
Educational Technologies at Missouri (ET@MO) Staff

This session will equip instructors with vital information about teaching with Canvas and allow them time to work on their course. Come to learn about key differences between Blackboard and Canvas, as well as Canvas features that many instructors and students really like.

  • Get answers to common questions that instructors have when migrating to Canvas.
  • Speak with instructors who have already started using Canvas.
  • Bring your laptop/device and work with your course content.

This session will include a short presentation with Q&A and a hands-on workshop where instructors can work in small groups with experienced instructors, instructional designers, and technology specialists.

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