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About Celebration of Teaching

The Celebration of Teaching is a professional development opportunity at the University of Missouri where teaching professionals and instructional support staff can:

  • Share approaches and techniques that colleagues have developed in their own teaching
  • Engage with colleagues from other disciplines about teaching and learning
  • Learn from exciting guest experts on important teaching topics
  • Win prizes for attending professional development events throughout the year

We will celebrate highlights and achievements of the academic year including:

  • Kemper award winners
  • Campus Teaching Excellence awards
  • Authors published in trade and university publications during the previous year
Why I love Teaching at Mizzou

“Our small planet is facing some big challenges. Today’s college students are bright, energetic and want to make their mark in the world. As a teaching professor, I empower Mizzou students to transform the world by teaching them how to operate the levers of change. There is no better reward for a teacher than to see your students expand their ability to think critically and meet the challenges they are presented; except perhaps to encounter them years after graduation and discover they have grown well beyond your own abilities!”

J. Scott Christianson
Professor, Management
Why do faculty love teaching at Mizzou?

Just at dinner last night, a group of us first years were reflecting on the semester. We came to the conclusion that you’re one of the hardest working professors and your passion for teaching shows every single day. From staying up late to grade last minute assignments to taking the time to make us breakfast for our final, you really have made an impact. So with that being said, thank you from the first year class!

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